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ISA Choices 2019


In our ISA Choices guide we aim to help you construct a well thought out, diversified portfolio, tailored to your investment goals.

To achieve this we have identified investment ideas across the key areas which we believe are well placed to meet their investment objectives.  

All of these funds are available in commission-free format with new lower annual management charges and no initial charge. 

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Focus on Income

The search for reliable, consistent income from an investment portfolio remains the aim for those investors who have come to the end of their ‘accumulation’ timescale. Moving into the ‘decumulation’ stage can be a worrying time, estimating if your total investment monies can provide you with the regular income you feel you will require. Most investors want as high a yield as they can get, while eroding as little of their capital as possible. For this reason, our selection process incorporates an analysis of a fund’s ability to preserve capital.

We have put together a range of income options for you to consider. These include bonds, covering the strategic and high yield sectors, an equity income fund and a multi-asset income fund, covering most asset classes in its portfolio. They have all been through our selection process and we believe that they can continue to meet their objectives.

The Income Funds featured this year are: Baillie Gifford High Yield Bond, Invesco Monthy Income Plus (UK), Premier Multi-Asset Monthly Income and Schroder Income. 

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Focus on Growth

Markets have risen consistently for the last few years but 2018 provided a little reality check. World economies struggled to make gains in the face of perceived worsening headwinds. It is important to understand that markets can fall as well as rise in the short term but, over longer periods, equities generally perform better than cash deposits. As markets become more sophisticated, with more data available to analysts, future corrections tend to be ‘built-in’ to the current pricing, meaning that, should those headwinds come to pass, the impact on markets may not be quite as significant as it was previously.

In the magazine this year we have, as usual, sought to provide a range of options for those of you seeking growth funds. Some are familiar names, although they have been put through our rigorous selection process once again to ensure that their credentials remain valid, while others may be new to you, but we believe that they all warrant your consideration based on their continued ability to meet their objectives.

The Growth Funds featured this year are: Atremis UK Smaller Companies, FP Crux European Special Situations, Fundsmith Equity, and  Lindsell Train UK Equity.

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