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In our ISA Choices guide we aim to help you construct a well thought out, diversified portfolio, tailored to your investment goals.

To achieve this we have identified investment ideas across the key areas which we believe are well placed to meet their investment objectives.  

All of these funds are available in commission-free format with new lower annual management charges and no initial charge. 

Please note that our cashback offer has now been extended until 17th July. 

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Focus on Income

The market backdrop for clients seeking income has changed recently. Interest rates have been raised in the United States and the UK, with the likelihood of more to come, although rates for savers still look relatively unappealing. Despite the economic background, one fact remains unmoved – if you need to generate income from your investments, you need options to generate income!
Whether it is to help your children get a better start in life or simply to create income in your retirement years, we have put together a range of income options for you to consider. We have both a UK and European bond fund and two UK equity income funds, one with a derivative-based addition to try to boost income.

The Income Funds featured this year are: Aberdeen European High Yield Bond, Artemis High Income, Woodford Income Focus and Schroder Income Maximiser.


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Focus on Growth

Last year we wrote about how markets had risen to record highs in the face of political instability, following the Brexit vote. Since then, although we have not seen a radical change in the political backdrop, markets have continued to rise, mainly fuelled by the positive economic fundamentals.
Nevertheless, the markets are still susceptible to changes in mood and sentiment as demonstrated by the volatility at the end of January, and we should always be mindful that corrections may occur at any time. It does appear, however, that markets are becoming more robust in the face of unexpected setbacks, such as the recent demise of Carillion. We have again sought to provide a range of options for those of you seeking growth funds. Some are familiar names, others maybe less so, but all have been subject to our rigorous selection process and warrant your consideration based on their continued ability to meet their objectives.

The Growth Funds featured this year are: Fundsmith Equity, Jupiter India, Lindsell Train UK Equity, and Liontrust Special Situations. 

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