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First Class Funds

First Class Funds

Thank you for your feedback on the list. We are always keen to know what you think about it and the ways in which you think it can be improved. Read our latest First Class Funds publication for our list of investment funds, sorted by sector, based on our own analytical process and work done by some of the world’s leading investment analysts and providers of financial statistics.

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The output of financial news services has been dominated by the suspension of the LF Woodford Equity Income fund in recent weeks. Whilst this is, clearly, a major news issue, it is interesting to reflect that the fund came off our list 12 months ago after a sustained period of underperformance. It is perhaps worth re-stating how our list is put together. We use the opinions of specialist rating agencies, whose job it is to dig deeper into a fund’s structure and processes, to try to identify areas of strength or weakness. We combine this with statistical data of the funds recent performance. We acknowledge that we do not have the knowledge or resources to look into the thousands of funds available to clients to perform this level of analysis and so, our opinion does not form part of the First Class Funds’ process.

In other fund news the Jupiter European fund has been removed from the list following the news that star fund manager, Alex Darwall, is leaving Jupiter.

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