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First Class Funds

First Class Funds

Thank you for your feedback on the list. We are always keen to know what you think about it and the ways in which you think it can be improved. Read our latest First Class Funds publication for our list of investment funds, sorted by sector, based on our own analytical process and work done by some of the world’s leading investment analysts and providers of financial statistics.

Look to see which investment funds we've added

Look to see which funds we've removed

The most significant change sees Neil Woodford’s Equity Income fund disappear from the list after a period of under-performance. There are three schools of thought about under-performing funds:-

1) Switch out straightaway to a fund you regard has greater potential
2) Leave your money in the fund as successful managers will turn it around
3) See a buying opportunity and add more money

Whatever your view, we hope that the new list and the latest Fundwatch magazine give you some food for thought. 

A new company, FP Crux, appears on the list for the first time but with a manager who will be familiar to many of you. Richard Pease runs the European Special Situations fund, having previously managed European funds for Jupiter, New Star and Henderson..

Find out more about how we compile the First Class Funds list.

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