Fund Hub Overview

There are many things to consider when investing but perhaps the most important, is which fund or funds you choose.

There are over 3,000 funds in the UK. Whilst there is plenty of information available to the investor - fund facts, manager interviews, performance information, fund analysis and comment - sorting the wheat from the chaff and finding the best funds can be time-consuming and challenging. This section is designed to help you find the fund or funds that are right for you.

First Class Funds List

We have gone through the process of collating research and information that is available, some of it readily accessible, some of it less so, and refining it in to a streamlined list of funds across a variety of sectors.

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ISA Choices

Each year we produce our end of tax year ISA Choices magazine. This magazine features our pick of 8 funds across a range of investment areas

These funds are all available at no initial charge and, in our view, represent good value in their sector.

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Top 10s

We are often asked "what is the best performing fund?" or "what are your other clients buying?" Whilst there is a lot more to choosing a fund than that, it is interesting to see how funds are performing and who is buying what.

This section lets you explore the best and worst performing funds across a range of sectors and gives a flavour of what is popular at the moment.

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Research All Funds

If you prefer to do your own research then this is the place for you.

Look at all the UK Authorised Funds available through FDD on the Cofunds platform.

Compare them across a range of criteria, chart them and see detailed factsheets. 

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