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Artemis UK Smaller Companies

The fund was launched in 1998 and has been run by Mark Niznik since 2007. As the name suggests, it invests in smaller businesses which are based in or have a significant part of their activities in the UK. The managers tend to favour the smaller end of the UK smaller company universe and the fund currently holds around 80 stocks. Mark has been consistent over time in terms of the types of  businesses he looks for, with free cash flow yield being a key criterion in his analysis. Volatility has been lower than the sector average over the last ten years, reflecting this steady approach. More information about the fund can be found on the Artemis website. You can also view a video featuring fund manager Mark Nisnik by clicking on the link below. 

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FP Crux European Special Situations

An unfamiliar company but a recognisable manager to many of our investors. The fund is run by Richard Pease, who you may remember from his time at New Star and Henderson. He has now set up Crux Asset Management and took this fund with him upon leaving Henderson. He now runs it, alongside James Milne, in the same way as he has since its launch in 2009. A conviction-led fund, he is not afraid to ignore the region’s big companies if he cannot make a business case for them. This can potentially lead to greater volatility than some of its competitors. To view fund analyst views on the fund, click on the link below. 

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Fundsmith Equity

This fund is now firmly established as one of the leading global equity funds. With assets in excess of £16 billion it continues to post strong performance figures and remains among the most popular funds with our clients. The manager, Terry Smith, maintains the same very simple, three stage process. Only buy into soundly-managed companies, pay the right price for the shares and then hold on to them. The fund invests globally and has very stringent criteria which results in a portfolio of between 20 and 30 stocks, which do not change very frequently.

See Terry Smith being interviewed by Morning Star by following the link below.

Terry Smith, manager of the Fundsmith Equity fund, has written his annual letter to shareholders, essential reading for all investors in the fund and, indeed, for all stock market investors.Terry covers the past year’s activity on the fund, his current assessment of it and its constituents together with his outlook. The letter can be read by clicking on the link below. To watch Fundsmith Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2019 click on the link below.  

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Watch Fundsmith Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2019

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LF Lindsell Train UK Equity

The fund continues to be one of the strongest UK Equity fundsof recent years, remaining in the top 10 performers in 2018 despite the global slowdown. The manager, Nick Train, employs a buy and hold approach which has stood his investors in very good stead for some time. With assets of over £5 billion, he has a concentrated portfolio of 20-35 stocks with low turnover, investing primarily in UK companies. His steady and thoughtful methods are proving hugely popular. The focus is on companies with sustainable business models and/or established brand names that can demonstrate long-term durability in cash and profit generation.

Lindesll train have produced an update of the fund for April and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

View LF Lindsell Train UK Equity Factsheet

View LF Lindsell Train UK Equity April 2019 Update

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