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These tutorials walk you through a range of topics such as "how to add cash to the GIA" and "how to switch funds".

Investing for Beginners

Date Published: 12th September 2019

Alex Gard, aged 8, asks Morningstar analyst Dan Kemp why he should invest

How to Switch Funds

Date Published: 6th June 2018

A guide to switching funds online using our customer dashboard

Adding Cash to your GIA

Date Published: 21st May 2018

How to add cash to your GIA cash facility.

Logging onto your account for the first time

Date Published: 2nd May 2018

How to logon to your account for the first time after upgrade - existing online users

What Do Morningstar Fund Ratings Mean?

Date Published: 8th November 2017

Morningstar explain how they rate funds 

What Assets Can You Invest In?

Date Published: 7th December 2016

Fidelity outlines the asset classes available to investors