Platform Upgrade

Platform upgrade – FAQs

Important – Changes to Cofunds operations while the platform is being upgraded

What happens if I have a regular savings instruction?

If you have a regular savings instruction you will see a new direct debit reference number on your bank statement as Cofunds are changing their bank to HSBC.  Please note that your existing direct debit mandate remains in place, you’re still protected by the same direct debit guarantee and you don’t need to do anything.

What happens if I want to make payments into my account?

Following the changes to the service, Cofunds will no longer accept payments in by standing order or post-dated cheques. Your payment options will be:

For regular contributions – by direct debit only

For single and adhoc contributions – by electronic bank transfer (CHAPS, BACS or Faster Payments), debit card or cheque.

What happens if I have a standing order set up to cover charges?

The last day that Cofunds will accept standing order payments to cover charges will be on 26th April. We suggest that you adjust your final standing order payment to cover charges for April and May. After you have made your final payment you will need to cancel the standing order with your bank.

Following the upgrade you will need to set up an alternative method of paying your charges – this can be via fixed direct debit, CHAPS, BACS or Faster Payments. Cofunds do not have the facility to accept flexible direct debit payments.

What happens to income received from my investments?

As a default – all income will be set to be reinvested in your holdings unless you have stated otherwise. If you have more than one ISA product, these will be merged post migration and only one income payment method can be chosen. We will be writing to all clients who will be affected by this is due course.

When is the upgrade taking place?

The upgrade is due to take place from 5th -7th May. 4th May will be a non-trading day. The cut off time for investments activity before the upgrade will be 10am BST on 3rd May. You will still be able to view your portfolio between 3rd May and 4th May but the platform will be down until May 8th.

Do I have to have online access to continue to manage my investments?

Not at all, FDD will continue to accept paper instructions after the Platform Upgrade. Although the letter you received from Cofunds told you that you that they will no longer be able to accept paper instructions we have made special arrangements for our clients to continue to use paper instructions if they wish to do so. If however you would like to set up online access please give us a call and we can talk you through the process.

What happens the first time I login to the new platform?

If you have online access to Cofunds, your existing login details will work after the upgrade and you will be able to login to your new online account. Once logged in you will be asked some additional security questions. You will then be able to use these new details to access your upgraded account.


After the upgrade you will need to use a unique email address to access your online account. If you currently ‘share’ an email address with a spouse we recommend that you create a new email address so you can both continue to access your online accounts.