ISA Choices Overview

In our ISA Choices guide we aim to help you construct a well thought out, diversified portfolio, tailored to your investment goals.

To achieve this we have identified investment ideas across the key areas which we believe are well placed to meet their investment objectives.  

All of these funds are available in commission-free format with new lower annual management charges and no initial charge. 


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Focus on Income

Although savings accounts can provide an income, interest rates remain unattractive. If you’re comfortable that stock market investments present a higher risk than savings accounts, it makes sense to see what opportunities are available.

Investing for income simply means that you’re interested in putting some of the potential returns that your investment generates throughout its life to good use. This could be to assist with day-to-day outgoings or it could be to support regular payments, such as school or university fees.

A range of asset classes offer income potential and it makes sense to spread (or diversify) your risk across these as their income generating abilities vary during different economic climates.

  • Equities – dividends from shares can generate an attractive level of income and provide scope for capital appreciation as well.
  • Commercial property – rental income means that investments in of ce, retail and industrial properties can provide investors with a reliable and attractive income.
  • Corporate and government bonds – Historically, these have been favoured by investors seeking a steady income.

 This year we have a selection of funds across the spectrum of income producing assets.


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Focus on Growth

Last year I wrote about how important it was to avoid the trap of focusing too much on the short term when planning your portfolio. At the time markets had been volatile and looked set to remain so.

The prospects looked even worse in June in the aftermath of the referendum result. What has happened since only serves to emphasise the point. Markets have soared to record heights, quite against the forecasts of the “experts”.

Of course, this may not continue and there are some obvious challenges to the economy with the focus on EU exit negotiations and the framing of new global trade deals.

This year we have sought to provide a range of funds from the UK, Europe, Asia and the US as well as a global growth fund.


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