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This year we are featuring some less familiar names that are making a real mark on the equity landscape and a UK Equity Tracker Fund


CF Lindsell Train UK Equity Fund

Despite a tough end to 2016 this fund has been one of the top performing UK Equity funds in recent years. The fund is managed by Nick Train whose buy and hold approach has served his investors well. His steady and thoughtful methods are proving hugely popular.

The fund invests primarily in UK Equities. The focus is on those companies with sustainable business models and/or established brands that can demonstrate long-term durability in cash and pro t generation.


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Fundsmith Equity Fund

This is one of our clients most popular global equity funds. With assets of over £9billion it continues to set the benchmark.

The manager, Terry Smith, maintains the same very simple, three stage process. Only invest in good companies, don’t overpay for the shares and then hold on to those shares. Not quite as easy as it sounds!

The fund invests globally and has very stringent criteria which results in a portfolio of between 20 and 30 stocks.

See Terry Smith on Sky News by following the link below.


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Henderson European Selected Opportunities Fund

The manager, John Bennett, has been managing European equities for over 28 years and this fund since April 2011.

He believes that the European market is currently seeing a shift towards value stocks although he is cautious about the effects that political issues such as Brexit and Trump might have on the market.

The fund invests across western Europe and is currently heavily weighted towards financials.


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Jupiter India Fund

This is a long term growth fund which has been managed by Avinash Vazirani since its launch in February 2008.

Avinash implements a ‘growth at a reasonable price’ (GARP) investment style – seeking to identify and then invest on a long-term basis in ‘best-in-class’ companies that he believes have the potential to grow and may bene t from country-wide structural trends and whose shares he feels are trading at a reasonable valuation.

The fund provided exceptional returns over the last ve years, although it should be recognised that this is an investment region that can be extremely volatile.


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Schroder US Mid Cap Fund

We rarely feature US funds in our ISA magazine as investor appetite for America tends to be limited. However, in the current climate, with such radical change taking place,
we felt it would be appropriate to offer this as an option.

This fund, managed by Jenny Jones, invests in a broad range of medium sized North American companies in the belief that they will offer better growth prospects than their larger peers over the medium to long term.

Her investment approach focuses on three types of companies: companies that demonstrate strong growth trends and improving levels of cash; companies which generate dependable earnings and revenues; and companies which are companies that are undergoing positive change that is not being recognised by the market.


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